About Us


Since its foundation, PMTR has evolved into an institutional-quality IT and Cybersecurity service provider for various sectors. We pride ourselves on redefining the future of technological support. Through our cybersecurity risk management capabilities, we provide clients with customized workflow and IT strategies and a whole range of technology solutions designed to be scalable, secure, and reliable to bring tomorrow’s edge, today.

As a U.S. Army veteran and the President of PMTR, Dr. Pierre Reed has endeavored more than 30 years as a Cybersecurity practitioner and researcher with extensive experience in providing effective Cybersecurity and Network Engineering solutions to commercial and private entities worldwide. Serving numerous clients all over the globe, PMTR Industries brings together a team of seasoned executives and highly skilled consultants and technicians to provide clients with ingenious technology solutions, supported by expert staff 24/7/365.

Our Mission

PMTR was formed with a single goal in mind — to provide excellent Cybersecurity and Information Technology services professionally. We are dedicated to providing valuable solutions to diverse communities, including, but not limited to, federal, state, and local governmental agencies, medical treatment and research facilities.


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