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PMTR Industries combines experience, expertise, and professional standards to deliver comprehensive, appropriate, and exceptional IT and cybersecurity services and solutions. We are a team of IT and cybersecurity professionals that provide IT audit services to help you meet or exceed the standard requirements.

We realize that an organization has to plan, manage, and monitor its IT activities to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. By providing support to new products and services to maintain their uniqueness in the market, the increased reliance on technology makes the inclusion of IT audit a fundamental process within an organization. This is where PMTR Industries steps in.

How We Help You

PMTR aims to promote high-end security services that go beyond identifying and addressing multiple system vulnerabilities to protect your confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

We help organizations gain invaluable insight into their systems, processes, and technologies. Our dedicated cybersecurity security audit and IT security compliance team remain apt at promoting risk-focused IT controls, resolving audit deficiencies, and helping control inconvenience in management practices. We believe in employing the best practices that merge well with IT security compliance for you. PMTR is here to align your tech function with efficient and effective control.

Cybersecurity And Risk Management

PMTR adopt a robust approach with cybersecurity and risk management services that provide a detailed and apt security risk assessment with real-time cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity Audit And Compliance

We help you uncover security gaps and issues that exist within your organization and verify whether your controls are improving your security posture.

Medical Device Security

PMTR Industries highly prioritize medical device security to mitigate the challenging cybersecurity risks lurking in the complicated medical industry.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

PMTR provides healthcare providers with standardized HIPAA compliance solutions to maximize information protection with secure networking.

Business Continuity Planning

We partner with you to ensure your organization is conversant with the evolving Business Continuity Plan (BCP) requirements.

IT Policy Creation And Consulting

PMTR fully understands that well-developed security policies and plans lie at the heart of any active cybersecurity posture.

Application Lifecycle Management

PMTR provides exclusive application lifecycle management services to IT professionals and companies to keep the challenges at bay.

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