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Protecting Your Medical Information with HIPAA Compliance Solution And Requirements

The healthcare industry is advancing in the digital world to critically protect treatments and communication between staff and health care providers. But most of the time, implementation isn’t easy and the industry is exposed to unique challenges regarding protection of the data and security of the related individuals. While many companies promise to deliver results, PMTR provides healthcare providers with standardized HIPAA compliance solutions to maximize information protection with secure networking.

What Is HIPAA And Why Is It Necessary?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was formed in 1996 in order to protect the rights of the patients, practitioners, staff, and other related personnel. The need to keep data secure places the burden on the security teams that struggle to fulfill all the HIPAA compliance requirements, where the concoction of right strategies, digital innovation, and personnel solidifies the challenge of implementing viable protective solutions.

While the HIPAA privacy and security rules lay out a detailed plan for service providers, relying only on the HIPAA standards isn’t enough. In response, PMTR helps several healthcare organizations find the appropriate HIPAA compliance solutions that implement robust approach towards regulating and assisting in the safeguard of sensitive information, thereby preventing major IT risks and supporting the rights of the individuals.

How Do PMTR Industries Help?

To keep fully aligned with the HIPAA security protective measures such as, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), the aforementioned regulatory instructional guidance is used to reduce the risk and promote data security. At PMTR, the PII and PHI protection and documentation resonates with the company’s motto to shield against private data breaches.

Though the PHI laws are strict, the HIPAA compliance checklist doesn’t necessarily interrupt with other regimes. We make sure that we carefully strategize each law implementation to meet the necessary requirements for protection.

While assisting medical professionals and patients with multifarious HIPAA compliance solutions, we help deal with the following challenges.

  • Cyberattacks that threaten the digital healthcare networks
  • Consistent updates and configuration of the security networks
  • Risk assessment and security testing

PMTR Industries deliver solutions that:

  • Help you implement and assess safeguards that you need for HIPAA, PII and PHI compliance
  • Detect, analyze, and ward off potential network invasion
  • Identify the system vulnerabilities that might expose the data to threats and damage
  • Find and report suspicious activity or breach and take necessary action against it

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