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Application Lifecycle Management

Guaranteed Lifecycle Management Of Application And Product Security From PMTR

Application lifecycle management (ALM) is a systemic application management process where people, tools, products, and processes integrate to design, develop, and test software. The product management lifecycle covers the entire process, from idea conception continuing to exceed the ultimate retirement of the system. While the visibility and transparency in each step of this process maintains its high demand, its security persists as a hot button. Lifecycle is a software management process with enormous scope; it uses tools that connect people with processes and different phases of the lifecycle management process. Without it, your software applications are unorganized, inefficiently managed, and possibly antiquated and out of cycle.

At this point, PMTR provides exclusive application lifecycle management security services to IT professionals and companies to keep their software application challenges up-to-date and operational.

Why PMTR Industries For Your Product Lifecycle Management?

We integrate product lifecycle management best practices to keep your process running smoothly. Though the software landscape is becoming more expansive and complex, we make sure the application lifecycle management plan follows a clear pattern of manageability and efficiency, thereby reducing security gaps and risk, while improving the operational effectiveness and sustainment of software applications.

While ALM provides you with a sense of clarity by aligning your team’s organizational mission or purpose with regard to software support and utilization, PMTR helps you:

  • Comply with app security standards to offer tenable protection practices
  • Analyze, detect, and fix all the security issues in every phase of your application lifecycle management
  • Assess the database for common software security flaws
  • Provide relevant app security controls like team awareness training and code review
  • Address high priority lifecycle phase security issues pertinent to the application
  • Building an up-front security quality for better visibility and risk assessment
  • Equip relative teams with a contextual, scalable and prevention-based product lifecycle management security
  • Monitor and oversee the critical components of the cycle without slowing down the process or reducing its efficacy

PMTR allows you to experience complete control and security of your product management lifecycle with ultimate ease. We offer you:

  • High-end security for every stage
  • Increased efficiency with quality assured
  • Seamless integration of best practices
  • Improved collaboration among teams, tools, and processes
  • Organized and protected agility
  • Minimized security errors
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Increased utilization of resources
  • Continuous monitoring and support

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